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SPRING OF SORROW - 2011 ECA Finalist

Emerging Cinematographer Awards Screening – Jun 24

Screening of the Emerging Cinematographer Awards 2011 winners & finalists, and our annual ICG Local 600 Reception. Click here to RSVP!

CINEMATOGRAPHY LAB at Panavision www.hollywoodshorts.com

Cinematography Lab 1.03 – GETTING THE BEST IMAGE – June 12

Go inside the camera to learn what all those menu functions really mean – and how to make them work for you. Instructor: JAY HOLBEN, Technical Editor, DV Magazine

THE DOLPHIN starring Josh Mann & Jane Anne Thomas

Short Film Program #9 – May 20

New films by Steve Acevedo & T. Thaddeus Cahill, festival favorites by Maggie Kiley, Christopher Kezelos & Josh Mann. (Pictured: Josh Mann & Jane Anne Thomas in THE DOLPHIN)

Register for Cinematography Lab 1.05 - LIGHTING FROM HOME DEPOT

Cinematography Lab 1.05: LIGHTING FROM HOME DEPOT – Apr 26

Learn how to achieve high production value lighting results with everyday tools you can find at your local hardware store. Instructor: JAY HOLBEN

The Fundamentals of Cinematography Lab at Panavision

Cinematography Lab 1.01 – Apr. 4th

Learn the art, aesthetics and science of cinematography! Explore how the new technology is evolving that way we shoot.

Women Filmmakers ShortsFest - Mar. 18

Women Filmmakers ShortsFest – Mar. 18

IT’S LADIES NIGHT! Join us for our celebration of WOMEN FILMMAKERS. A double header program showcasing some of our favorite women directors and animators. FREE!

Register for our Panavision Cinematography Lab on March 7th

Cinematography Lab 1.04: Camera Lenses & Accessories – Mar. 7

Register for our camera lab at Panavision. Learn how to build a film camera package and get to know the ins and outs of lenses!

Cinematography Lab at Panavision-Hollywood: Thurs. Jan 19th, 1pm - 4pm

Cinematography Lab 1.03: Panavision Hollywood – Jan. 19

Jay Holben takes us on a journey inside the camera to learn what all those menu functions mean – and how to make them work for you. REGISTER ONLINE here…

Joe Lipari launched 8 week Short Filmmaking Workshop!

DIY No Budget Filmmaker Workshop starts – Jan. 10

Writer/Director JOE LIPARI leads ImprovOlympic’s new Filmmaking workshop! 20% Discount for HOLLYWOOD SHORTS members.

The Fundamentals of Cinematography Lab at Panavision

Cinematography Lab 1.02 – Panavision – Dec. 8

THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CINEMATOGRAPHY – Instructor: Jay Holben. Thursday, December 8 at Panavision Hollywood. Register online here…

DIK - a short film by Christopher Stollery & Sunny Grace

Short Film Program #1 – November 20

Keilan Grace stars in DIK – directed by Christopher Stollery

NOVEMBER Cinematography Lab: The Flavors of HD

Cinematography Lab 1.01 – Nov. 2th at Panavision

Join us for our inaugural Cinematographers Lab led by JAY HOLBEN, kicking off our new Filmmaking Seminar & Panel series.

Patrick Meade Jones & Lee Citron - ANDROID LOVE

Short Film Program #7 – June 18th – THE CINEMATOGRAPHERS

ICG’s EMERGING CINEMATOGRAPHERS AWARDS winners screening! Find a great DP for your upcoming shoot. (Pictured: Patrick M. Jones & Lee Citron – ALIEN LOVE)

Jay Holben will be launching HOLLYWOOD SHORTS Cinematographers Lab 2010

HS/EFP launches Cinematographer’s Lab

HOLLYWOOD SHORTS’ new CINEMATOGRAPHERS LAB starts this Sept., taught by filmmaker/cinematographer JAY HOLBEN, Tech Editor of DV MAGAZINE & regular contributor for AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER MAGAZINE.