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Cinematographer Lab Series for Filmmakers www.hollywoodshorts.com

Cinematography Lab 1.01: THE FUNDAMENTALS – Feb 5

The Fundamentals of Cinematography demystified the lingo of your cinematographer, and explores the power of today’s digital cameras and how they work.

The Fundamentals of Cinematography Lab at Panavision

Cinematography Lab 1.01 – Apr. 4th

Learn the art, aesthetics and science of cinematography! Explore how the new technology is evolving that way we shoot.

Patrick Meade Jones & Lee Citron - ANDROID LOVE

Short Film Program #7 – June 18th – THE CINEMATOGRAPHERS

ICG’s EMERGING CINEMATOGRAPHERS AWARDS winners screening! Find a great DP for your upcoming shoot. (Pictured: Patrick M. Jones & Lee Citron – ALIEN LOVE)