Acting Lab


2014 Actor Lab

Sundays in February
The Jet Studios, North Hollywood

Intense scene study, on camera, with a film director


Hollywood Shorts Actor Lab is focused around building you into a self-sufficient, camera-ready actor.

During the course of the month, you’ll develop challenging scenes with scene partners, break down the scripts to uncover their layers, explore different approaches to the text and build a detailed, textured world around the story. We employ a range of relevant and practical exercises, a free-flow of ideas and experience from all actors, and pull examples of inspiring performances from the history of film and TV.     

We film all takes so that, over the course of the month, you can see what works and what doesn’t, why or why not, and build a deeper understanding of your strengths or weaknesses as the camera sees them.

Over the course of the Lab you’ll build a strong idea of the relationship between the actor and the camera in exercises that consider shot sizes, the effects of framing, lens choice or camera movement, and we even hit the simple stuff like hitting your mark, on cue, in character.

All this under the guiding baton of a working director with 20+ years experience directing actors for the screen makes this “killer workshop” a sound investment for the serious actor.

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