Cinematography Lab 1.04: Camera Lenses & Accessories – Mar. 7

HOLLYWOOD SHORTS Cinematography Lab




THE CAMERA: Lenses & Accessories



HS/FILMLAB 2012 Cinematography Lab

Register for Panavision Cinematography Lab 1.04: THE CAMERA: LENSES & ACCESSORIES in Hollywood, CA  on EventbriteWednesday, March 7, 2012
1:00pm – 4:00pm

6735 Selma Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028


The Fundamentals of Cinematography Lab at PanavisionThis lab focuses on THE CAMERA and everything you need to know to get the most of the package you choose for your production.   Whether you are putting together your rental order to the camera house, or shopping to buy your own camera package – there are so many makes, models and components.  This seminar is great for camera assistants, DIY filmmakers, and producers who want more insight on where to best invest to get the most  for your budget.

LENSES:  Get to know the ins and outs of the most important part of your camera: the lens. This primer is Lenses 101!  We will cover different types of lenses and different lens mounts, as well as crop factor, depth of field, anamorphic to spherical, lens adapters and more.

ACCESSORIES: From the 35mm Platinum to today’s DSLR cameras, every camera needs a range of accessories and tools to maximize the camera’s functions.  The list and options can be overwhelming.  Learn about the tools of the trade for the assistant camera person – get an introduction to the accessories available to make production shooting easier.  We will define a wide range of camera accessories, and learn how to prep and build a camera.


HOLLYWOOD SHORTS Cinematography Lab 1.04

Jay Holben – Head Educator
Cinematographers Lab

Our Emerging Filmmakers Program (EFP) expands this year with a full line up of filmmaking seminars and labs. We will be launching this new initiative with a new seminar series for cinematographers & camera assistants. The monthly seminars will encompass a wide range of topics and issues, designed for all ranges of experience and formats.


The HS/EFP Cinematographers Lab will also take us into some of the workrooms of some of our favorite camera shops and camera related organizations that every camera department professional and up-n-comer should know…

Seminar Topics will include:

  • Fundamentals of Cinematography
  • Getting the Best Image From Your Camera
  • The Camera Crew
  • Flavors of HD
  • The Camera Showcase
  • Lighting from Home Depot

Jay Holben is an independent producer & filmmaker who worked as a director of photography for nearly a decade. Previously serving as Technical Editor covering film cameras and lighting, Jay has been a contributing editor to American Cinematographer Magazine for 12 years. He is currently the Technical Editor for DV Magazine, with a monthly column, ‘DV101,’ and has contributed to several books including the American Cinematographers Manual. Jay has contributed to several books on cinematography, including the American Cinematographer Manual, 9th Edition. He is the author of “A Shot in the Dark: A Creative DIY Guide to Digital Video Lighting on (Almost) No Budget” which was released earlier this year. This year, Jay also co-founded FILMMAKER IN A BOX, an educational resource for feature filmmakers. Jay has been a member of HOLLYWOOD SHORTS since 1999 with his short film adaption of the Stephen King poem, “Paranoid”, and he is our Department Chair – Cinematography at HOLLYWOOD SHORTS FilmLab.



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  1. Bryan says:

    Sounds good! Will definitely save up for this one. I have always wanted to be a good photographer but right now, I’m still an amateur.

  2. This is a great primer for your Bryan. It will give you a great wealth of knowledge to encourage to pursue your goal to be a great photographer. Look forward to seeing you there.

  3. brandon says:

    Any chance of working with the Alexa? It seems to be the camera of choice for so many of the DP’s working episodics and features that were previously devoted to film. Thanks Jay

  4. Hi Brandon…

    We will not have the Alexa for this seminar, but we are working on setting up some Alexa panels for our summer session. We will definitely talk about Alexa components and share its similarity and differences as we go thru the suite of cameras we will be reviewing. Thanks for checking in. Hope we see you on Wednesday!

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