DIY No Budget Filmmaker Workshop starts – Jan. 10

ImprovOlympics is launching a new 7 – week No – Budget Filmmaking course, being taught by writer/director JOE LIPARI.  Joe is offering a 20% discount exclusively to HOLLYWOOD SHORTS members ($100.00 discount).

When asked for advice on how to get in to filmmaking James Cameron said “Pick up a camera. Shoot something.”; that’s exactly what you do in this workshop. Over the course of 8 weeks students will collaboratively write, produce, shoot and edit a short film while learning the tools to do it again on their own. Students will learn how to take their ideas and write a script that can be shot on limited time and money while producing a 5 – 10 minute short film in 1080p, full HD. This workshop is perfect for aspiring actors, writers, directors, make-up artists, directors of photography or anyone interested in adding to/improving upon their skills while creating something for their reel/resume.

Joe Lipari launched 8 week Short Filmmaking Workshop!Tuesdays: 7-10:30 PM (Begins 1/10) – Teacher Joe Lipari (WR)
For HOLLYWOOD SHORTS Discount – Call 323-962-7560 or Email iO

Joe Lipari:

I came up with the idea for this workshop because film school was quite possibly the most daunting experience of my life; which says a lot considering I was in the U.S. Army. Most of my instructors taught a “you can’t make a movie without money” approach, as if all the high dollar equipment found on Hollywood sets were an absolute necessity. But, the only necessity in becoming a good filmmaker is creativity.

In this seven week class we’ll discuss ways to take your idea and break it down to find the cheapest / fastest / easiest way to take it from your brain to the screen; while delivering a top notch final product. We’ll take one of the ideas from class and implement said strategies, collaboratively shooting a short film together. At the end of the 7 weeks students will have something good to add to their reels and the knowledge/confidence to do it again on their own. It’s time to stop waiting to be “discovered” and create your own opportunities…. Make this year the year you take your career to the next level.





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