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On Sunday, we hosted the cast and crew celebration of CERTIFIED by writer/director LUKE ASA GUIDICI, and the Los Angeles premiere of FINDING JACOB by writer/director BRETT STUMPP.  Both filmmakers shared great insight on their inspiration, their process, and some of the valuable lessons they have learned along the way.   If you missed the screening, here is a little more info about these exciting filmmakers.

Brett Stumpp


Brett Stumpp

A graduate of Vancouver Film School and New England College, Brett spent many years working in different facets of the film industry in order to know first hand what each person’s responsibilities were. This enabled him a well-earned insight into the process of filmmaking.  Brett’s current short film FINDING JACOB is a deeply moving film inspired by his own personal medical crisis, which led him to explore issues of fatherhood and missed opportunities.

Having traveled extensively in his youth, Brett delights in exploring different cultures and customs, which help inform his creative process.  Through the course of his studies in everything from martial arts to shamanism, his voracious appetite for the human experience has helped form an outlook unique to the world. This is the foundation Brett has build his career on.  In the last few years, Brett has been able to hone his writing and directing abilities as a member of the highly esteemed Beverly Hills Playhouse, and has directed the 2010 feature film Walk By Faith 2: After The Honeymoon.
FINDING JACOB continues to garner warm reception on the festival circuit due to it’s original storytelling and exceptional visual style and composition.  The short is enjoying nation-wide television broadcast as part of the African American Short Films television show.


Luke Asa Guidici


Luke Asa Guidici - FilmmakerWhen Luke was 6 years old, he broke the family television.  They never got another one.

Instead he played with Transformers, explored the woods, read encyclopeias, built things with LEGO’s and listened to NPR.  He learned what was funny from Calvin & Hobbes.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude BA/Cinema from SFSU in 2003, he trekked to Los Angeles.  He has worked as an extra, a grip, PA, camera operator, AD, producer, editor, falconer and director.

If Luke wasn’t making films, he would be doing something involving snowboarding, cooking or politics.

Luke is currently looking for one or two feature scripts, in the Sci-Fi/Comic-book/Horror genre. He loves to direct music videos, and is always open to working with new local bands.  He is repped at Bucks Boys for music video & commercials.





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