Happy New Year to our filmmaking family

Happy New Year from HOLLYWOOD SHORTS



We can’t wait to share a new year of your films, creativity and inspiration.

Happy Filmmaking and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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  1. 2010 ended with good news for 2011 🙂
    Realtor texted on NYE to say my offer for my new house in NOLA was accepted and the deal is on! Inspections and whatever Napoleonic Law calls escrow and then I’ve go a new home/office in The Big Easy.
    Let’s shoot!

  2. Tchaiko says:

    i’m here working in new orleans as an assistant to director Tom Vaughan. Balancing work with finishing up my short film “Solace” almost at picture lock and will finish up sound mix, color timing and scoring when i am working in new york.

    during production, snatching whatever time i have to start figuring out what my next project will be. at first i thought to attempt a feature, but looking over the website and all the wonderful things about shorts, i’m reconsidering and thinking perhaps another short film is in order!

  3. Please post your film life update – plans for 2011, new gear you have available, your upcoming screenings, how 2010 was for you!

    Looking forward to hearing what everyone is creating in the new year!


  4. Hey Kim and everybody in Hollywood Shorts land,
    “Bring Yourself”, a music video I did for the Chicago band, Oh My God, and which made its world premiere at the Hollywood Shorts Fest, recently took Best Music Video 2010 with the Midwest Independent Film Festival and is up for a Slate Award from the California Film Festival!

    I want to extend a big thanks to Kim Browning, who was instrumental in bringing me on board for animations on a documentary called “Death Rattlers”, directed by Bryan O’Hare. This looks to be a big part of my 2011 and will be a terrific challenge! Thanks again Kim! See you soon!

    =Dan Bigelow

  5. Oh, I forgot to repost where folks can see “Bring Yourself”…Just head over to http://www.dancandraw.com.


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