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Allison Craig


Allison Craig - Director/Animator

Allison is an alum of Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio where she majored in traditional animation.  She has an animator’s dream gig, working fulltime at Titmouse, Inc. in LA. She has extensive experience in every aspect of animation, from storyboarding to character design.  Allison then moved to Boston, where ‘boarded and animated on children’s television shows.

After moving to LA, she joined the Prynoski’s indie ‘toon shop, where she has worked on Metalocalypse (AdultSwim), Guitar Hero and a ton of other A-list animated productions. She is now working more as a director, most recently directing the animation for the Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation ‘toon (Adult Swim) produced by Titmouse, Inc.

BARKO was produced in house at Titmouse as part of their Short Film Initiative – providing extensive support and resources for their staffers to grow their directing chops. This is the 3rd short film from the division, and it is tearing up the festival circuit.

Andrew Wilding



Andrew is a rare breed – he was born and raised in Los Angeles and spend a good part of his youth pursuing a career as a musician, both writing and recording.  He was inspired to begin shooting photos by a local music photographer who was covering his band on stage, and he quickly moved into the visual arts.

“I want to make work that moves you at the very core, … through creating momenta of absolute truth and humanity”. Andrew’s photography lead him naturally to working with moving images and cinematography.  Now he is makes the leap into narrative film directing.  His short film PIANO MAN is a testament to his visual and storytelling objectives; it is simultaneously wicked funny and starkly beautiful.    Adam is currently writing his first feature script and is just wrapping up a music video shoot in NYC.

Sean Gannet


SEAN GANNET - Filmmaker www.seangannet.comSean Gannet was born to drive slow, dance fast, and make movies.  He joins us on Sunday literally moments after wrapping production on a new feature film.  He also just completed production on the short film “The Poets” written by Lori Fischer, starring Susan Louise O’Connor & Jeff Hiller.  This year he also Line Produced the epic TED Prize MissionBlue Conference in the Galapagos Islands.  Sean clearly loves the short format – he also has a pretty rockin’ musical THE ONE THAT I WANT – also produces as part of RIPFEST Collaborative Film Project.

Sean was the Associate Producer of Mike Myers’ THE LOVE GURU and worked on the Shrek franchise during his three years at Myer’s Nomoneyfun.  He has also staffed Tribeca Film Festival, the IFP Market and other NYC film shindigs.  In addition to his propensity for writing and directing, Sean is a road-trip enthusiast, celebrated turkey chili chef, and lauded amateur dancer for whom crowds of strangers have oft circled-up to watch him shake it.  Sean is based in Brooklyn and is a Northwestern film school alum.

M. Keegan Uhl


M. Keegan Uhl - FilmmakerKeegan was born in Madison, Wisconsin but quickly moved to Boston where he spent most of his young life. He was introduced to film in high school via the local access TV station where he created his first critical success: a regional champion video in the National History Day competition. Yes, he is a nerd. He received his BFA from Middlebury College in Vermont in 2001. There he enjoyed a liberal arts education, was awarded the David I. Goldman Prize for Excellence in Film and developed a love for Hitchcock and surrealism in film.

He was a full time editor of award-winning educational programming for three years in Boston. In 2007 he moved to Los Angeles with his wife Martha and their cairn terrier Buzz Lightyear to pursue a directing career. He attended the Los Angeles Film School where he was nominated for the 2008 ASC student cinematographer awards and schooled in the ways of Hollywood.

Also an avid and award-winning photographer, Keegan is inspired by the inherent beauty of our world and driven by a quest for TRUTH in all its forms. He believes the greatest films push the medium to its full potential to tell compelling stories and create a unique experience that teaches, inspires and entertains.Keegan recharges with backpacking trips in the Eastern Sierra, and is an elite ultimate frisbee player and the captain of a top level team based in L.A.

George Hickenlooper   (May 25, 1963 – October 29, 2010)

SOME FOLKS CALL IT A SLING BLADE 25 minutes   –  1994

FESTIVALS:  Sundance, New York, Locarno  WINNER:  Aspen Shortsfest,  San Sebastian, Aspect Short, Vila Do Conde, USA, Chicago Int’l

George Hickenlooper (1963-2010)So much to say about George, and yet words seem so deficient.  This short film was a collaboration between Billy Bob Thornton and George, born from a character study Billy Bob developed as part of his 1986 one-man play “Swine Before Pearls”.  George and Billy Bob first worked together on George’s feature “Ghost Brigade”, then George came on to direct Billy Bob’s short script.  The film was shot in three days in a Simi Valley hospital that was the location of “Terminator 2”.   Billy Bob went on to win the Academy Award for Best Screenplay for the feature version of Karl’s story, which he also directed and starred in.  Watching the short film navigate the process from short fest programs to Academy Award Winning Feature was a gamechanger for me personally.  The power of this film changed the way I thought of shorts, and their place in my own life and filmmaking career.  I started HOLLYWOOD SHORTS the next year.

George’s film career, cut so brutally mid-sentence, includes an incredible body of feature films, short films and documentaries.  George was enjoying one of the those magical years we all dream off – his “Casino Jack” starring Kevin Spacey  World Premiere at Toronto, with a distro deal secured, great reviews for Spacey growing from screening to screening.  More great news about the film buzzing about as the film lands screenings at Doha, and Austin, locking an LA premiere at AFI and then… Denver.

I can think of no better way to say good bye to a storyteller I truly respected, and always considered a Really Nice Guy, than to remember the first time I saw his name on the screen and the 25 minutes that ensured  I would never forget it.

See ya later, George. Thank you.


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