SUMMER SHOOT 2010 – September 18

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CERTIFIED by Luke Asa Guidici

in association with …


September 18, 2010

Special Thanks to our SUMMER SHOOT Family of Vendors!!

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We wrap up HOLLYWOOD SHORTS 12th year of monthly screenings and events with the short film production of CERTIFIED, written and directed by filmmaker LUKE ASA GUIDICI as the final shoot of our 2010 SUMMER SHOOT production calendar.

Rebecca Spicher as Alice

Rebecca Spicher as ALICE


Thomas Garner as FRANK

HOLLYWOOD SHORTS crew, vendor and sponsors came together once again to bring a great script to life, and help the selected filmmaker fulfill his vision.  Our HOLLYWOOD SHORTS SUMMER SHOOT crew was led by Reggie Hunter in production, John Matysiak in  Cinematography, and Tema Levine Staig in Production Design.  They worked with Luke over the course of the summer to create a fantastic look and feel, and to tackle the challenge of shooting a complex period piece in a one day schedule. Luke’s innovative adaptation of the popular Saki short story OPEN WINDOW and his take on the comedy of the original text made it a perfect fit for our SUMMER SHOOT program.  Luke updates the turn of the century British satirical story to 1958 West Virginia and gives it an darkly American twist.

Therese Lentz as MRS SAPPLETON

Timothy Brennen as Mr. Sappelton

Timothy Brennen as ASHLEY SAPPLETON

Luke Guidici, writer/director - CERTIFIED Rebecca Spicher & Thomas Garner


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