CASTING CALL: Auditions for SUPREMACY – May 8th

HOLLYWOOD SHORTS Alumni Filmmakers

Show:             SUPREMACY
Format:          SAG Short Film
Shoot Date:  June 5  in Los Angeles
Director:        Tanya Boyd


Producers:                         Vincent Cirrincione & Kimberley Browning
Production Company:          HOLLYWOOD SHORTS

Auditions:                          Saturday, May 8
Casting:                             Kimberley  Browning, Hollywood Shorts

Submit your headshot for our casting call for Supremacy!

GARRET TULLY:  (Early 30’s, Aryan Brotherhood skinhead)

Garret Tully is a hardened longtime prison inmate who has been in and out of institutions since the first time the judge sent him to juvenile detention.  Always looking for a family he never had, he quickly found a place in the community of the local Northern California skinheads. Now, he is on a mission as he escapes from Pelican Bay Prison to do his part of the master plan.  He has the body and the face of a career life of incarceration, but ultimately will know he has chosen the wrong master.

DOREEN LESSER: (Courtney Love type – early 30’s – Hard – Sexy – Trailer trash type)

A groupie of the Aryan Brotherhood.  Doreen has a sexy body, but looks much older in the face than her 30 years.  A survivor, who’s not at all dumb, but just can’t seem to get it together. She hooks up with Garret Tullly, and ex-convict, who just hours after his release from Pelican Bay Prison, murders a highway patrol officer.  On the run from the police, Tully and Doreen take refuge in a house occupied by a defiant old Black man, and his family, and who are held hostage by the two criminals.

ODESSA KING-WALKER. (Queen Latifa type – early to middle 40’s)

Odessa, a reformed drunk, with two children, struggled on her own for many years until she married Mr. Frank Walker, a man twenty-five years her senior.  In her younger days, she was a beautiful, well built woman, but time has taken its’ toll.  Unhappy in her marriage to Mr. Walker, Odessa is contemplating leaving the marriage, but with a twenty-one year old, out of work diabetic son, and a twenty-three year old out of work daughter with a small child, who’s recently moved in the house too, she puts up with her verbally abusive, controlling husband.

ANTHONY KING (a younger Forest Whittier type, early twenty’s.  Tall, and large in built).

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