Michael Landers’ debut feature PEACOCK premieres!

We were honored to join HOLLYWOOD SHORTS alum filmmaker MICHAEL LANDER and his co-writer Ryan O’Roy at the premiere screening of PEACOCK, Michael’s debut feature film.  It was wonderful to see the final finished film, and the house was full of Hollywood heavyweights, both from in front of and behind the camera. Even a Jodie Foster sighting.  Michael’s short film SOLID WASTE screened at Hollywood Shorts in 2001, and he soon after began working with Ryan O’Roy on the screenplay for PEACOCK.

CONGRATS TO MICHAEL AND RYAN and their entire cast and crew!  Pick up a DVD when the film is released on DVD on April 20th.  It is truly a shame that this film isn’t being theatrically released here in the U.S.  It is gorgeous and Cillian’s performance is amazing.


Poster for Michael Lander's PEACOCK


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